Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!

It’s been a nice week…last Sunday we made a day trip up to Black Mountain. Gorgeous day, fabulous company, the only downfall was the pain in my leg after tromping around main street.

Then Thursday we did pre-Christmas dinner at my house. I made some stuffed mushrooms to start (fat-free cream cheese, shallots, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper). Dinner was  pork tenderloin with mushroom wine sauce (mushrooms, wine, shallots, and butter), roasted carrots (with brown sugar), and green beans (pan sautéed/fried in butter). Beth brought a homemade pumpkin pie for desert. SOOOOoooo good.

Christmas eve was at Neil’s house…rib roast, roasted carrots and baby potatoes, and sautéed spinach with garlic and lemon zest.

I admit, this morning I am missing my family big time. I don’t like being so far from them. I have no plans for the day…just hanging out with the animals, playing some, lounging some, watching a few movies. They are predicting snow later this afternoon (2-4 inches through the night). Neil headed to his dad’s up in the Hickory area for a family get-together today…I hope he’s able to get back home today. Apparently it is already snowing up there. It is the first white Christmas here in many, many years according to the “locals” I’ve spoken with. I guess that’s pretty cool. I am hoping it does snow a little so the dogs can go play in it…they love the snow!

I’m also pleased – I found my fleece pants. I think I actually inherited these from my sister years ago…they are snowboarding pants which means they fit nicely over my “boot” and are warm and snuggly cozy.

Later I suppose I will do something productive and clip the dogs’ nails. Maybe then I will vacuum the house. Or maybe that will all wait until tomorrow. My leg has hurt quite a bit – with the holidays and decorating and house guests and general housekeeping, I’ve not been staying off of it like I should. Thankfully, starting today, I don’t have much of anything at all going on. And I will employ Neil’s help to de-decorate the house. Hopefully it will be a week of a lot of rest with the leg up.

So far no plans for New Year’s eve…that could change I suppose, but really I am OK with no plans.

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