Mockingbird is ill…

My laptop, Mockingbird, has fallen ill. For some time now I’ve had issues with the graphics – my screen would start flickering, sometimes it went completely black. Sometimes it came back on its own, sometimes I had to reboot. Even the keyboard would sometimes just quit working. Yesterday it finally threw its wings up in a final flurry of craziness…there was no coming back.

Thankfully I have a geek for a boyfriend and he started poking around online for possible solutions to the problem. Originally we had thought it was just a driver issue, but the drivers were all up to date. Then he found a known issue with the graphics card…Nvidia had problems with some of the cards used by manufacturers between certain dates. My laptop’s manufacture date fell smack in the middle of that date range, so we were 99% sure that was the problem.

I hate our local Apple store. The layout and traffic flow is terrible. It is always jam-packed full of people, and even with a “Genius Bar” appointment, we still had to wait to be seen. It was like going to the doctor’s office only worse with the crowd of people. When we finally got to talk to the gal, it didn’t take long. She ran a diagnostic to confirm that it was the video card (thankfully, it was. This means cost-free fix.) and then filled out a repair ticket. The fix is in-house, but apparently their turn time is about seven business days.

I miss my Mockingbird. In the meantime I am borrowing a computer from Neil and can also access most everything from my phone. Yay for modern technology alternatives (when they work)!


2 thoughts on “Mockingbird is ill…

  1. Is your laptop back yet?

    Hate to say it but I have also had the exact same problem with my local Apple store. I finally found one about 20 more minutes away. It has the same layout but decreased traffic, so I go there now for “all my apple needs” that I can not address online.

    • It is ready (has been since last week but Neil never went to get it). I’m picking it up tomorrow when I’m back in town.

      I need to hunt around to see if there is another store somewhere. I think last I looked there was one in Raleigh, which is a bit far. 😉

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