So much for plans…

I have eaten garbage for the past week…and I feel it.

My weight is hovering right around 207. I must admit I am very grateful it hasn’t inched back up and that I am staying under 210. I am very much looking forward to getting active again. Core training and weight stuff simply isn’t my thing. I am pretty good at adding it to a cardio plan, but on its own I neglect it.

I get to start walking for fitness mid-February…it seems so far off still. It has crossed my mind to start sooner, but then I am remindedĀ that I am not ready by pain in my leg after overdoing it with housework or just being out and about (like this past weekend). I guess for now I should be very happy I am out of the boot!


3 thoughts on “So much for plans…

  1. Yay for getting rid of the boot and great job on planning on getting outside. have you done any of the kinect fit stuff? If I get this new home, I may have to also go wild and actually get a TV made in this decade.

    • Hehe! Technically my date is next Friday (the 18th), but my plan is to start walking when I get home tomorrow and see how things feel. I am SO tired of sitting around.

      I did some short, easy hikes around my aunt’s property this past weekend and felt great (though obviously slipping back out of shape – or at least slipping from what fitness I gained from running). My official ‘run’ date is in March, but if walking goes well then I might bump that up too. Though, this time I won’t keep running through what I think are shin-splints!

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