It is time…

I need to get new seating for my living room. My sad couch and chair have been with me for somewhere around 10 years – and those years have not been the kindest or easiest on them. Dogs and cats and parties (not the grown-up civilized kind) and several moves have taken their toll. Today they are sagging, the internal frames are separating, and the leather is cracked and torn and rough.

Already I’ve found a nice sectional online at Costco, but I fear it may be too large. I suppose worst case I only use a couple of pieces from it and the remaining sections can go in other rooms. This weekend (probably tomorrow) I am going to head out to some furniture stores to take a look at what is out there these days. Unfortunately, my tastes are nicer than my means…but I expect with some hunting I will find something that will work and won’t make me cringe.

OK – back to some housekeeping. Today is full of Spring cleaning. Replacing HVAC filters, vacuuming ceiling fans and blinds, and dusting everything I can reach. It’s not likely to stay dust-free for long, but it is better than having it continually accumulate.


2 thoughts on “It is time…

    • Hey now – some of the Target put-together stuff is pretty nice. šŸ™‚ I have IKEA put-together cabinets in my living room along with Target media shelf tower things that I like very much. In fact, all the bookshelves in my house are the Target put-together things. LOL

      I am sort of excited. This new couch will be the first new, real couch I will have ever owned. The current one was a used gift from an ex-boyfriend’s parents; prior to that I only ever had futons.

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