Family Visit

My dad and his fiancée came to visit this past week. It was a nice whirlwind trip. They arrived Sunday night and left Wednesday.

We had a nice time – Monday we visited the US National Whitewater Center. We had hoped to have lunch there, but I should have checked ahead of time. It isn’t exactly the right time of year, even though the weather was sunny and in the 70’s. So we walked around a bit and my dad got me an All Sport annual pass for my birthday. SO cool! I am going to head over there tomorrow to get it all set up and find out exactly how it all works. I am going to learn to kayak!

Then Monday night we went to the Cajun Queen for dinner. Such tasty, tasty foods…I had blackened catfish with a shrimp/tasso cream topping. And of course we started with BBQ shrimp – must-have if you ever eat here! We also got to sit upstairs with the live band. Overall, very nice evening.

Tuesday I worked the first part of the day and then in the afternoon we drove down into SC for my dad to meet a guy he is looking to buy an airplane from. We (my sister and I) grew up with a Cessna 170A which is what my dad looked at this week. It was a lovely airplane and I hope it all works out. I guess now my dad is waiting to hear back from the guy on whether he accepts the offer.

Tuesday night I made a tagine. Chicken (marinated in lemon juice and cumin – the recipe called for turmeric but I didn’t have any), onions, preserved lemons, cilantro, harissa, and green grapes. I will definitely make this one again. Essentially it is a stew that is cooked over low heat in a clay/ceramic pan that has a cone-shaped lid. I bought one for Neil for his birthday, but the caveat was that it had to stay at my house. I dig it!

Wednesday morning came verrrrry early. I had to be at the airport around 5:30am which meant having to be out of the house no later than 5:15. My dad and fiancée came with me to the airport – their flight out wasn’t until the afternoon, but they were going to head into the city to do some sightseeing and such. This was the easiest way to get them a cab or shuttle into town.

Wednesday and Thursday I was in Dallas for work with a very late, very turbulent flight home last night. Today is full of conference calls. I am exhausted.

The good news is that I found out my annual bonus and merit raise figures this morning. Not too shabby at all!


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