I am SO pissed at myself. I dropped my favorite glass salad bowl as I was drying it this morning. It shattered. Spectacularly, I might add.

For the record, recycled glass makes fantastically small, incredibly razor-sharp pieces when it explodes. I have lacerations on my feet where pieces bounced, my hands are cut up from picking up pieces, and I have tiny slivers stuck in the bottoms of my feet (too small to see, but man can I feel them). Not to worry my medical friends, none of it warrants a trip to the ER, but it doesn’t make it any less irritating. Thankfully, there weren’t any critters in the kitchen or even the vicinity when it happened.

And the bowl. I can’t replace it. I think that’s the part that makes me the angriest. It was bound to happen one day, I’ve had the thing for years, but I was really hoping that day would never come.

~~~ ~~~

Later today the yard guys are supposed to come out to give me a bid on some work. We’ll see if it happens. The “office manager” that was supposed to contact me Monday to set things up never called until Wednesday (when I happened to be traveling). Yesterday morning I tried calling her back at the number she left but got a message that the memory was full. I’ve never gotten that before, usually it says the mailbox is full. Regardless, it wouldn’t let me leave a message. So, I emailed her to let her know that the times she had stated on my voicemail were fine. I also let her know about the voicemail problem on her end. I haven’t heard a word back. We’ll see if the dude shows up today or not.

Sadly, the same thing seems to be happening with these guys as happened with my dog trainer. They are getting bigger faster than they can handle the customer volume and their current clients are suffering. There is a lack of any kind of organization or urgency to do what they say they will in the timeframes they give. That is my number one pet peeve. Had the owner told me she would get back to me this week regarding my requests I would have had no problem with it (except the voicemail thing…that is just another detail overlooked by being too busy that in the end hurts their business).

Now I am torn. They are a local family (same small town I live in) that is running a good business and I think they have the potential to get back to the fabulous service they started out with. However, I have a real problem being the one who has to deal with crappy service in the interim. Not to mention, I paid my first “Spring rate” bill at the beginning of the month and have yet to see anyone come out to work on the yard. The grass needs mowing, the weeds…holy cow…and the list goes on.

Is it better to work with the problems you know? Or should I start hunting for another yard service? *sigh* At least if the guy does come out today I am express my lack of happiness at the current state of my yard, especially with the amount of money I give them monthly. If he doesn’t, then that answers my questions and I will start looking around for another service.



6 thoughts on “Argh!

  1. Ugh! It certainly is annoying when customer service isn’t what it should be. I’d be tempted to look elsewhere regardless of whether the company is local or not. I totally get and support local business but if you end up getting screwed and wasting money you have every right to look elsewhere. You could always voice your concerns with the dog people and see what they say to at least give them another chance before looking somewhere else. And if you find out that after the growing pains are over they have better service again you can come back.

    What a bummer about your bowl. I hate when things break or get too worn and they can’t be replaced.

    • Yeah – the yard guys have through the weekend to get their act together and the dog guy is slowly getting better. Now the problem is that we’ve been so busy, and Moo has been (mostly) acting so well that we haven’t been going to the meet-ups.

  2. I’m sorry about your bowl. I haven’t broken any bowls recently, but I did drop a cup that I’d been washing into my sink, and it cracked. Now my set of 6 is a set of 5. Grrr…

    Before looking for another company, I would write them a letter (not an email) about your concerns. Let them know that if they can’t continue to give you the great service you’ve had in the past that you’ll be forced to look for another company that can.

    • Thankfully the owner’s dad came out to do the estimate and was horrified with my yard without my ever bringing it up. He assured me they would be out this week and that there would be a credit on my next invoice for work that was obviously not performed.

      He also called to set up a meeting with the owner, his new crew lead, and me at my house so we can all discuss expectations. That should be happening in a couple weeks. I’m sure I’ll post more as things take place!

  3. Sounds as if your yard may be shaped up fairly soon. I sure hope so. When I was a home owner, I was often frustrated at the lack of follow through that some of the yard guys had. And then when I had a great one….well…you know he stopped doing it.

    And on the bowl. OUCH. and sadness. I do that every once in a while. and I worry about it because I have lots of those older pyrex bowls with the funny farm scenes on them from my Mom who got them from Grandma, who….well you know. But at least I am not entirely sentimental.

    • The hardest part is that I live in an area that no one wants to come out and service – it is between Charlotte and another town and is always out of everyone’s service coverage area. Finding this guy was a minor miracle…so, we’ll see.

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