The End of the Proverbial Rope

I am giving the lawn guys through Saturday to get here and mow my freakin’ lawn and pull/spray the weeds that are entirely out of control. And regardless of whether they show up, I am very interested to see what they send for a bill on the first of April. I haven’t seen ANY work done on my yard since January or February. I paid the March bill at the new Spring rate (which assumes a minimum of two visits per month). I refuse to pay for work not done.

The other salt-on-the-already-open-wound is the owner once again not getting back to me. Granted, it was his dad that said they’d get back to me at the beginning of this week with an estimate for the additional work (it is now Thursday)…but he specifically stated he’d have Aaron get back to me – at the start of the week. As a customer, while I realize someone was setting a deadline for another person, that someone came out to my home as a representative (and as an authority) of the company to take measurements and find out exactly what work I wanted done. I hold the company responsible for follow-up. To be honest, I don’t particularly care who follows-up with me, I just want an estimate. If the estimate is reasonable, then I would also like to schedule the work.

If (and probably when) the regular maintenance crew fails to show up this week, I am going to have a sit-down conversation with the owner. Apparently they are doing so well they no longer need my business and if that is the case, then just say so. I will go find someone else who does need, and better yet, wants it.

Maybe I am setting my expectations too high – and maybe I am a perfectionist – but I don’t really think so. It isn’t too much to ask that the work I am paying an average hourly rate every month for be done on my yard. When that work isn’t done (at all) then I am throwing money away.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


The yard guys did come today and mow, edge, and pull/spray the weeds. Still no pine needles put down where I asked, but maybe…just maybe…they will come do that tomorrow or Saturday. Now to see when, or if, I ever get a bid on the other work I’d like done. The yard already looks a billion times better.


One thought on “The End of the Proverbial Rope

  1. GLad they came! So so frustrating!!!!! I hate to pay and then get really poor results! Wow! I think though that you may still need to look for another lawn service!

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