Work Out!

As requested (and promised) – the work-out post!

It wasn’t much of a work-out, but I did do core stuff. That is huge for me because I hate core work. Blech.

I did five girly-push-ups from my knees (the last one might not actually count…it was a struggle), 25 crunches on each side and straight up the middle, a bunch of leg-lifts and other arm exercises (I think about 20 of each covering all the various muscle groups) with no added weight. I also walked across the room and back on my heels and then again up on my toes (x 2 reps).

It doesn’t seem like much, but I hurt from it all. This morning, aside from way too much coffee, I had three eggs (scrambled) with half a red bell pepper and a spoonful of salsa on top. I also took my fish oil and vitamin D packet. Go me!

This weekend I plan to finally get over to the local Y to check it out and (maybe) join. I also need to get over to the Whitewater center and activate the pass my dad got for me. The weather is finally warm enough to start thinking about getting in the water!


2 thoughts on “Work Out!

    • A bit, but not in any such way that I could even begin to think of it as a work-out. We are getting there, though! And I definitely cannot walk them together…but maybe someday that will change.

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