Still waiting…

Though the lawn crew came and mowed, edged, and weeded, they still have not put down the pine needles that I requested and I still have not gotten an estimate on the other work I requested. It has been two weeks since the guy came out. Why am I putting up with this? Because as crazy and angry as it makes me, it is still easier than looking for a new crew to do the work. *sigh*

I have been sick this week – no idea what to even call it. Sort of a mono-type thing where I’ve been exhausted to the point of falling asleep in the middle of doing things and have had monstrous headaches and body aches. I slept most of yesterday. I feel slightly better today in that I don’t feel like I am going to give myself a concussion from my head hitting the desk while passing out asleep. I still have a monstrous headache and am really tired. It has made me extra crabby and irritable. Getting woken up by barking dogs after 10pm and having annoying alarms going off in the morning didn’t help with the grumpy-ness. And I’ve fought to get my work laptop booted up for the past two hours. It seems to finally be functioning.

This weekend I have a bunch of things to do:

  • Moo to the vet: It is time (actually way past time) for her annual check-up and shots. She also needs some allergy medicine to help with her itchy ears. Spring has sprung around here.
  • The Y: I am going to finally get myself over to the local Y to check it out. I might even be so adventurous as to join if it is a decent facility.
  • US Whitewater Center: I need to get the pass my dad bought me activated and such. Thankfully the weather has been pretty much yucko since he was here so I have not missed out on anything over there.
  • Doggy-sit: My neighbors are heading up to the mountains for the day so I get to have their pups come hang out at my house. It will be mayhem and madness around here, but they will all love it. If I can get any of them to hold still long enough I will try to get some photos.

Right now I need to get caught up on work-stuff. And I have all kinds of conference calls today. I am so glad I am not traveling next week…



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