The title of my blog…it is so appropriate these days.

My AC went out again. Second time in less than five years. Last time was just the motor starter thingy. This time its the entire compressor. It was also out of freon, but thankfully, it seems the leak is also part of the compressor problem and the system appears OK everywhere else. The guy said it looks like it got fried during one of the storms. Who knows. I guess I need to see if my insurance will cover it if that is the case. Thankfully it was nice and cool here last night and should to stay below 80 until they can come back to do the work on Monday.

The kicker is that there is still a small possibility that something else caused the compressor to fail, but no way to know that for sure until it replacement is done. Neato eh? So the whole deal is bordering between just replacing this part or the entire system.

I am really bummed today. (It’s been a bad week even before this…this is just the cherry on top of it all.)


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