It isn’t quite June yet, but close enough.

I had an awesome weekend of sleeping in (as much as one can with two dogs and three cats who are on their own schedule), napping, and lounging around. I had the weekend to myself and really enjoyed the alone time. I got very little done around here, but I am OK with that. I needed the time to breathe. I feel like lately I have gone non-stop with work and other life stuff. Mostly I think stress has me feeling like that, rather than it actually being the case. Regardless of the reason, the lazy weekend has me feeling better.

Tomorrow (June 1) is the day I’ve chosen to ‘begin again’. That includes just about everything: Organizing and cleaning. Revamping my budget. Eating better. Exercising. Trying to better balance work and personal time. You name it, it is on my list.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Organization – my house is a mess, especially the garage. Sometime over the next few weeks I am going to tackle getting rid of things I do not need or use and giving it a thorough sweep-out. It is also time for some deep house cleaning: dusting shelves, reorganizing cabinets, etc. I find as my house gets farther and farther into disorder, so does everything else. Or at least it feels like it does. Yes, I am slightly OCD (just ask Neil), but I am OK with that.

Budget – I am re-committing myself to paying off the rest of my debt. I was doing really well with a nice emergency fund saved and then the AC went out…and with it, my emergency fund along with my “fun” money. Time to start over there. I did, however, pay off my truck this spring, so one item down, a few more to go. Along with this is a commitment to no longer use credit. I will pay cash or I do not need whatever it is. I fully expect to be able to support myself and my household on a single income, though for emergencies I may have to ask for help until the debt is gone. I am going to give Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” a try…I like structure and this definitely has it. I also like that every little thing is completely spelled out. I’m a detail person so I think this will work well for me. Yes, I am sure I could figure out how to do this all on my own, but I am OK with the $12 cost of having someone plan it all out for me and provide me with forms for expenses and budgeting, etc. I am very good at completing forms and following instructions – this way I can focus on what I need to do rather than also trying to formulate the plan to actually do it all.

Diet – holy moly have I fallen off the bandwagon here. This afternoon and evening I am purging the house of any junk food. There is plenty of healthy food in the freezer so all I really need is to get to the store for some fresh veggies. Mostly I just need to get off my tush and start cooking real meals again. Thankfully I haven’t gained a ton of weight, but I have definitely gained size. I feel it when I put on my pants and shirts for work. (All my casual clothing is oversized and elastic waisted so I don’t notice as much when wearing them.) I also need to work on reducing my sugar and carb intake, but most of that will get taken care of as I get rid of the junk food.

Exercise – another bandwagon that I’ve let run over me. I don’t really have a plan here yet…I will work one out this week. I simply know that I need to start out slower than I did last time to avoid another stress fracture (or other injury). Walking first. Then we’ll move on to running. I still want to get a gym membership, but due to personal budget restrictions, that is really going to have to wait until next spring. *sigh* This week, I will get over to the Whitewater Center to get my pass thing activated…I still plan to take kayaking lessons.

Life Balance – this is an ongoing struggle for me. My job requires a considerable amount of travel and due to the new banking regulations being thrown at us, it looks like that is going to increase again for a few months. I am tired of never being here, but I am also spoiled by the flexibility allowed by my job when I am home. I don’t think I could go back to working an office job (unless I absolutely had to, of course). There may be new opportunities coming due to these new requirements, though, so I am going to see what pans out there. And I am sitting for my CRCM next April which will help open some other doors as needed. I do feel better knowing things are finally happening which will help facilitate my being able to find another ultra-flexible position with less travel required. (I don’t mind some travel, but the every week thing has to go in the next year.)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

So there ya have it. Time to get back on track and some general plans for doing exactly that. I don’t have any deadlines or due dates or the like because I want to eventually make these things everyday practices. And eventually, I think I can, but it isn’t going to happen if I never start.

One last note: I am sooooo excited to go home at the end of June. I miss my sister and can’t wait to meet my new niece. And Caleb has grown up so much in the last year, I can’t wait to re-introduce myself to him, too. YAY!

One thought on “June!

  1. I notice the same thing about disorganization on my desk at work and the lack of organization in the work I do. It’s hard to concentrate and do the things that need to be done if there’s too much chaos. I’m sure it transfers over to homelife too.

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