Organization & Wine

Bit by bit I’ve tackled organizing my house. Closets, cabinets, shelving – you name it, it I’ve addressed it. When I bought my house, all the closets had the standard 12″ deep wire shelving. While for a clothes closet that is usually alright, it is less than ideal for the pantry or linen or other storage closet. I have both a regular linen closet and a small pantry, but I also have an odd-ball storage closet in my living room area (right next to the coat closet). While I am very happy to have the extra storage space, I have never really seen a second closet like this before in a newer home and the shallow shelving in it has made it not all that useable.

Anyway…this weekend I am going to measure the length of all the shelves in each closet and head out to Lowes or Home Depot and find some deeper shelving. I am certain they  make “pantry” shelving that has the wires closer together so smaller items don’t topple over. And I think it is 18″ deep. It will be so nice to not have to fold spare blankets into tiny rolls to fit them on the shelves! And the extra room it will create in the kitchen is much-needed.

I already found some cool, stackable metal and bamboo shelves at Costco for the coat closet. Since there is little need for coats most of the year here, the coats got moved to the guest closet and with the new shelves, and I am now storing kitchen appliances in the smaller closet (things I don’t use all that often – the rice cooker, crock pot, ice cream maker, etc.)

My other organization need came from the discovery that I like wine. I really, really like good wine. Really. I’ve accumulated bottles to try and bottles I know I like and have run out of room on my tiny counter rack. On Amazon I found this cool wire wall rack – it is due to arrive today. The impending arrival did spur me to clean up the kitchen. I created more counter space, cleaned out the spice cabinet, and dusted everything (including the disgusting top of the fridge…it had been a while). I was considering putting the rack against the wall at the end of the counter, but after rearranging things I realized that it is just too crowded there. I think instead it will go in one of the corners in the dining room.

Wine. I have never been a huge fan of wine. Reds in particular used to give me HUGE headaches after just half a glass. But then I attended a wine dinner with Neil last year at our favorite Italian restaurant (which is no longer there and makes me cry every time I think about it) and discovered that good wine was…good. Sadly, as with everything else in my life it seems, I have expensive tastes. The wine I liked most ran somewhere around $40 a bottle. Go figure. Since then, I’ve tried other wines at dinners, tastings, etc. and have begun venturing into buying bottles for home. Thankfully, Costco carries nice wines that are well priced and I am working my way down to finding decent wines that are affordable as an everyday thing and not just for special occasions.

So that’s where I am. Once I get the shelves in, the house will be as organized as I can get it. Then it is time to move to the garage – though, that may end up waiting until fall due to the heat and humidity. I’ve rocked along with the Dave Ramsey financial stuff and have started tackling my debt (step two). Go me! Simply creating a true, working budget has helped me feel less stressed about my finances. I don’t feel guilty about spending money on the shelves because I know I am not piddling the rest away. Instead I know that it is going toward the principal on my credit card. I really can’t express what a great feeling that is.

All in all things are pretty good these days. Work is insanely busy. The dogs and cats are all well and have more energy lately than they have in a long time. And I get to go home in another week (and a few days)!!


3 thoughts on “Organization & Wine

    • I really like this program – it not only focuses on getting completely out of debt, but on living within my means and saving for retirement. He is very religious, which is not my thing, but I get it, and the Total Money Makeover book doesn’t get preachy so I am OK with it. His Financial Peace book that I read first gets much more into the faith part of his living which definitely was NOT for me, but I gave to my mom and she loved it…so to each their own. The end results of both books are the same.

      Overall it is really basic, logical stuff. But what I find is that I needed to have it spelled out in front of me which this does, step by step. In the end what has made the most impact for me is the budgeting and seeing just HOW much money I blow on things I do not need…and re-learning what “need” really means, rather than “want”. As in, I ‘need’ deodorant, but I ‘want’ that new movie that came out on iTunes.

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