(Another) New Blog

Heh. I started another blog. It is becoming something of an addiction, I think. The new one, is a showcase of some of my better photography. I even registered a domain for it! (I feel very nerdy…in a good way.) This one had originally been intended for that, but then got side-tracked with daily life. And that is OK…I like what it has become.

Here it is:  photochro.me

Several photo galleries are available via the page tabs at the top of the site. Posts are dedicated to new photoadventures – my layout plan is to include a short “blurb” about the trip or the subject matter or…whatever…and then a single photo followed by the gallery behind a cut to keep the home page from getting too out of control.

I’d appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestions as the entire site is still a work in progress (though, I think I’ve got most everything set up the way I want it now). My only significant outstanding project for it is to find a good lightbox viewer. The one I have installed is OK, but it needs to be updated to work properly with the latest WordPress build. Hopefully the creator will do that soon.

And I suppose it is about time for me to dust off my running blog and get back into that…both writing and the actual running. I dread it. I am back at square one. But there will be more about that after this weekend on Thirteen Miles.

Also, while I am pimping other blogs, you all should check out Neil’s new project: CharlotteFive  As he describes it: 1 Band, 1 Show, 5 Pictures, 5 Questions at a time. His goal is to showcase local artists and try to help promote the local Charlotte music scene. We’ve already met some darn cool people through this and it seems to be growing quickly! I look forward to seeing where it takes him (and me).


2 thoughts on “(Another) New Blog

  1. You and Amanda ar ethe new blog starters! I tell you I simply just keep posting in the same place.

    You are not the only one dreading running.
    I am hoping my elliptical time will help but I dont think so… I’ll be a huffing and a puffing.

  2. LOL! That will be the last new one for quite some time. I intend for it to be exclusively my photography stuff.

    At least you’ve got some elliptical time under your belt! I need to get out to the gyms and pick one and join…but life keeps getting in the way. Work has been chaos at best. Worst case, next weekend is it and I will join the Y if I can’t figure out how to make it over to the other gym. The Y is closer anyway and has a pool. It is just SO freakin’ expensive. Oh well. It will be worth it!

    I am so excited to hear your hip is feeling better! I hope it continues to improve for you.

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