Stuff….and stuff

It’s been a while…hello world!

Neil’s project has taken off like gangbusters and has been fun to help out with (I do some minor editing/proof-reading for him from time to time). And as proof of that, a local publication recently stole some of his work..maybe borrowed is a better term? While on the surface hearing about it made me angry, I am also proud.  It means his work is doing what he wants it to do…get folks reading his site and promoting the local talent. So YAY for that! (And BOO for lazy media “professionals”.)

I need to get out and work on my photography more. I’ve hauled my camera with me on my business trips, but weather and work project deadlines have kept me pretty much chained to my hotel rooms in the evenings. I am hoping after this next week some of that will let up. I will be in some lovely areas of PA at the end of the month and hope to have time to get some photos of some of the historic areas of the towns I will be visiting.

Work has been crazier than ever – working late nights and weekends…the industry has been turned on its head and we are all just trying to keep up. Things should  settle back to a dull roar here in the next week or two for a little while anyway. Of course, that is right when my CRCM prep classes start, so really there won’t be much break in the hours dedicated to the job. The exam is in April 2012. If I pass I will officially be a “Certified Risk and Compliance Manager”. It does not mean I will be a manager (thank goodness – managing people is not my cup of tea), but the designation should help with future employment and pay. I hope.

Last night we took Moo out to the USNWC to see our friends, Overmountain Men, play. It was the first time I’ve actually heard them play and loved it! Moo was incredibly well-behaved – there were just two snarly/growly incidents when dogs got too “close”. She didn’t bark at any people which was the biggest relief. I think I will keep taking her whenever we can make it out there…I hope this sort of environment (largely unstructured, people and dogs having a nice time) will help her get over her fears or whatever it is that sets her off.

I think that’s about it for now…


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