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I’m still struggling with getting an exercise routine down when I travel (for newcomers to my blog, I travel almost every week for work). Different cities, different hotels, different flight times and schedules…bah. I know – excuses, excuses.

I guess I am just going to have to make myself be a “morning” person when it comes to exercise. I do it Mondays and Fridays to meet my trainer, but on my own, I prefer mid-day to evening. Though I should have known better, I thought I would get home yesterday evening and then go out and do the C25K day. However, because of some craziness with work stuff, I ended up not getting lunch and was starving when I finally got home so we went out to dinner instead. No running for me. And then there are my departure days…which is why I made Tuesday my rest day. There’s no telling how early I have to be up and at the airport and after traveling and working all day, I have zero energy left for anything else. So, that’s all hunky dory for Tuesdays, but lately I’ve had to travel Monday which puts another kink in the scheduling.

I will go run today since I didn’t have a training session (another story for another time), but that is beside the point. I really need to get a better schedule down, at least while I am getting back into pounding the pavement. Once I am in better shape and will (hopefully) be less prone to injury, I will feel a lot more comfortable with a random running schedule. That and I am a little OCD and like to plan things. And once they are planned I like to stick to the plan. I guess I am just going to need to try to be more spur of the moment and flexible with things. *sigh*

At least eating is going OK. This week the hotel had a decent bistro in the lobby that had sandwiches, soups, and salads. And I have worked very hard on watching my portions which is even more important than what I’ve eaten since I typically eat pretty decent food.

Overall things are going well…I need to invest in some rain gear for running outdoors, but thankfully, the sun is back out for the next several days so I’ve got time to get around to that. Hope all is well with everyone out there.


3 thoughts on “Stuff & Things

  1. Sounds like you are struggling with what all of us exercisers struggle with a bit, the scheduling of things. Its a lot harder for you because of the travel. That is not an excuse to be taken lightly, travel really saps energy out of a person, I can not imagine!!!

    Do you know where you are going a few weeks in advance? I use a calendar to plan out stuff. My Long run days are all over the week because of my work schedule. People are always surprised when I knock out a long run on a tuesday…but they don’t realize that it’s because I am working on Saturday…not because I am doing it and a long on Saturday! So I look at things about a month in advance and plan this day for that and this day for this. Then on occasion I move the days around for convience, or for the accomodation of the massage lady (yes, I am that dependent!)….
    Youa re doing great!!! Keep at it.

    • I usually have about 10 days notice with actual travel arrangements and such…sadly, aside from flight times, the rest of my schedule usually ends up changing because there are so many other entities involved. I think I can work out a general plan though…mostly I need to plan on making morning my normal “time”.

      I am jealous of your massage lady! I could really use her on my left shoulder/upper back this week! 🙂

      Thanks for your support…I am determined so something will work itself out!

      • I’ll bet Sue_ann Can recommend someone who does good Massage up in your area! One thing that helps me is to have sort of a weeks worth of workouts planned out. Then if my work schedule changes I just flip flop the workouts. Today though, Grrrr, My swim workout was completely ruined by the “aqua track class” so c’est la Vie!

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