First Five!!!

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As of this morning’s weigh-in I have officially lost my first five pounds!!! And because I might not have been completely accurate with my starting weight since it was over the holidays and I was bouncing all over from 220 to 227, really this is probably more like my first seven to ten. What is even better, I have lost a half to a full inch in size all over! (I need to confirm this with Sue-Ann on Friday since I have a little trouble measuring myself sometimes, but I am usually pretty close.) I will update my measurements page shortly.

So, after one full month of exercise and focusing on eating better (smaller portions, trying for three meals a day, etc.), it is starting to pay off – what a great way to start the new year! And what great motivation to keep at it since I leave shortly for yet another work trip…


2 thoughts on “First Five!!!

    • Thanks, Holly! I am feeling really, really great these days. I know the eating habits are helping that – it is keeping my B vitamin issues under control which dramatically affects my mood.

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