Back in the saddle…

“I’m baaaack! I’m back in the saddle again. I’m baaaack! I’m back in the saddle again…” (Aerosmith) For the record, I love that song in addition to it being entirely appropriate for the day.


Yeah! I am stoked with how things are going (minus this past week). This past week turned into work-chaos. It was a huge branch and at the last minute I was told there would be a person from another team in our company traveling with me. While is nice having company, it also means that the time I would use in the evenings to get work done was spent hanging out with this other person. My days ended up being non-stop work from about 5am until around midnight each night. And I still am not done with everything that goes with my job. Thankfully next week is my at-home admin week so I can catch up!

This morning I finally got back on track with my trainer and we really pushed things. It was awesome! I struggled mightily with a strength and balance move that she had me doing so I just kept at it until I did two “good” ones on each side. She started laughing and said she had never seen anyone so determined to master a move like that. Mostly, after the week I had, I wasn’t going to let a workout move beat me!

I feel like I am on a manic high today. I feel good (albeit really tired, I need more sleep), but I also feel like I am about to crash. No, to my knowledge, I am not manic, but I suspect that this is what it feels like. I think it is just due to the serious sleep deprivation that took place all week and I am sure this weekend I will be working on making some of that up.

At any rate, I am going to be feeling some sore muscles tomorrow. I already feel my neck a little. I think I was straining and compensating on some moves today. I need to pay more attention to that during my work-outs. This weekend I plan to walk the dogs through the neighborhood at a nice clip to get some cardio in and work my shins and ankles some more.

I also need to finally get the Christmas lights off the back side of the house. Thank goodness no one can see them! I am utterly ashamed they are still up, but it has been really rainy here and my yard is a clay-soil swamp which makes using the ladder almost impossible. Cest la vie.


2 thoughts on “Back in the saddle…

    • Sadly, no. It rained again! I’m going to have to buy a sheet of plywood that I can put down to put the ladder on so it won’t sink into the mud.

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