It has been AGES!

Hey everyone – I am still around! Mostly I’ve been blogging over on Thirteen Miles about my fitness journey, but I thought it was about time for a little life update as well.

First – I am bummed. I dropped and shattered my phone. Thankfully, it was the back that broke and not the front screen. It is still frustrating though.

Work Craziness – My application to sit for the CRCM exam has been approved…April 6 is the big day. I am really starting to panic a little since with our current work-load I have used all my personal time just to get my job done. And the caveat to taking this exam is that studying for it is to be done on “personal time”. I am nowhere near ready for this. *sigh*

Aside from the exam, we are all simply way over capacity these days. We are trying to grow our team, but are having a hard time finding the right folks for the work. It takes a very specific skill set and then add to that the needed professionalism and ability to communicate well both verbally and in written format and we seem to fall into a black hole.

Home Life – what home life? heh. I feel like all I am doing is working these days. Even my weekends are filled with hours of work stuff in addition to general house maintenance that I don’t get to do during the week because I am on the road. I am starting to hit a bit of a burn-out wall with it all. Thankfully there are good opportunities coming up this year with the team growth and some new teams being developed that I am going to look into. Neil’s been out of town as well this past week so it’s been very quiet and dare I say, lonely? He comes back soon, though.

In other exciting news – I got new living room furniture! A new couch and loveseat. I LOVE them (I will take some photos soon and post them). Brown leather…they are almost too much for my small living room space, but the extra seating is fantastic and well worth the semi-crowdedness. The cats have finally stopped sneaking up on them and circling them which is nice. The dogs took about two minutes to decide that I had gotten them new furniture. So all is right with the world in that regard.

I think that’s about it for now. We’ve had a crazy warm winter and everything here is already leafing out and blooming. Last night while driving home at 11:30pm t was 68 degrees…in February. Today is warm and stormy and then tonight gets cold again and back to some more “normal” weather.

I hope everyone in blog-land is doing well and keepin’ on keeping on…



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