Happy Friday!!!

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That’s right! Two more pounds off! I am officially into the single digits – on the way to my first goal of getting under 200. Woohoo!

Also, I love my new shoes. They are exactly what I was looking for and I am not sure how I’ve never heard of Merrell before now…regardless, I am glad I found them! The only bummer is that I can’t actually wear them barefoot because of where the seam is under the ball of my foot, but that’s ok. With socks it is no problem at all. I will be ordering a second pair as my “travel” gym shoes.

Other than that, training with Sue-Ann has been great. All except for the last two sessions when right at the end I’ve gotten really light-headed and woozy. I don’t think it is food or hydration. Possibly some mild anemia (I have a history with it). I have a doc appt coming up soon that will hopefully be able to give me some answers.

Right now it is about the end of my work week and I think I will sign off and go take a nap. I have been completely wiped out this week – I blame allergies. Which also may be the cause of the woozy work outs. Who knows!


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