A Confession & Wins

I have a confession to make: the day before yesterday is the first time I’ve “voluntarily” worn a bra in years. I’m not even sure why I put it on. I work from home, my yard is secluded…I’m rarely ever in a situation (unless I’m headed out to the store) where I’d been seen. But my reason for not wearing one isn’t the generic “I hate them, they’re uncomfortable”. It’s because I haven’t properly fit in mine after gaining a bunch of weight. So sure, technically it was uncomfortable and I hated it, but what I really hated was that I had gained all that weight and I refused to spend a bunch of money on new ones. (Those suckers are expensive and even more so for us busty gals!) When my bras fit, they are incredibly comfortable and I do like them.

So back to the other day. No idea what prompted me to grab one from the drawer and put it on after my shower, but I’m glad I did. The darn thing fits again!!! In fact, it fits better than it did the day I bought it! Definitely what my friend and coach calls a NSV (non-scale victory).

Speaking of scales, there’s a win there, too. I’m down ten (plus) pounds! The great thing about this journey is that the weight isn’t just falling off. It’s coming off slowly, methodically (though I AM losing inches left and right which is awesome). It is sustainable! I know I’ve said that a lot lately, but this is huge for me. Finally something I can use forever. I don’t have to transition out or learn yet more new eating habits. This is it. Me. My life. My schedule.

I rewarded myself with some new shoes – Puma Cell Riaze Mesh running shoes. I dig the minimal soles on the front of the shoe. I like being able to “feel” the floor when I am doing weights and resistance exercises. I’m not a runner so I cannot speak to how they perform there, but they are perfect for my use. I may need to pick up a second pair.


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