Mila & Caleb

My trip home was fantastic! And now I am in serious withdrawal…I miss the kids, I miss the weather, and I really miss my sister.

First, I’d like to officially welcome Mila to the world!

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Almost there!!!

One more day and I will be on my way to Washington. Next week will be four work days out there (but I get to see family for dinner!) and then beginning Friday I am officially on vacation. WOOHOO!

Lots of activities taking place while I am there. My nephew is getting baptized and turns one! My sister turns…well, I won’t say even though she is younger than I am, but her birthday is the day before Caleb’s. And it is her anniversary…though, I’m not sure what kind of celebrating we’ll do (or they’ll do) since my BIL is going in for knee surgery. Poor guy. It is on his “good” knee. Growing old stinks!

Except when you are going from this:

To this:

(Photos courtesy of my sister.)

Then growing older is pretty darn incredible.

I can’t believe it has already been a year. Time is flying by so fast. I can’t wait to go see him and play with him and hug and kiss him!

Cutest Boy Ever!

My sister, mom, and nephew came to visit last week…I am stating for the record that I have the cutest nephew on the face of this planet.

He’s a little flirt for sure – I love him to death. Even teething he was a happy-go-lucky guy.
I can has teef!

Though, I apparently have no happy baby making skills of my own – we got off to a rocky start:
No so happy...

But eventually we figured it out and things got better…

He met new furry friends too…they all loved him almost as much as I do!

No no, Doggy!


I can’t wait to see him again…I get to go home for his 1st birthday in a few months. There will be many, many more photos to share then!

Turkey Day & Life Update

I got to go home for Thanksgiving this year (unexpectedly)…it was a whirlwind trip, but I am SO glad I got to go. Monday was spent traveling for the most part and working in the afternoon. Then Monday night my mom and sister came up to meet me for dinner (I stayed up north because it would have been insanely silly to try to fight rush-hour traffic both ways since I had to be back up there Tuesday morning). Then Tuesday, I actually got done with the work stuff early which was great because it meant more time with my sister and nephew.

After that it was a blur of staying at my mom’s and sister’s houses, playing with my nephew, shopping for last minute fixings and hanging out with the rest of the family. My sister and I (and respective partners) all went in on getting my mom a new TV since hers is finally dying. Since I won’t be home for Christmas we decided to give it to her on Thursday…it was awesome. 🙂 We found a nice 32″ at Costco for a fantastic deal.
We had dinner at my sisters with Mom and Nick’s family all there. It was so fun to get to see Nick’s mom and dad with Caleb. His dad was grinning ear to ear the entire evening! (He’s a very serious sort of fella normally.) Traditional menu of turkey, stuffing, and cranberries. There were also carrots, green beans, asparagus, potatoes (mashed and scalloped), and a green salad. For desert, Nick’s mom brought pecan pie and a berry pie. I don’t do the pecan pie, but the berry pie was tasty.
Caleb has changed SO much in the past few months…he is smiling now, can sit up (mostly) on his own…he at least holds his head up now…and he is SO alert. He looks at whomever it talking in the room, will follow your finger if you point at something, etc. His eyes are the EXACT same color as my sister’s – gorgeous steel grey-blue, but otherwise he looks mostly like his dad. I have tons of photos to sort through so those will be coming later. He is also starting to teeth! Poor guy. Amy went to wipe up some drool and he just started screaming. We think maybe she rubbed against his gums which hurt. However, he is easy to soothe and calmed right down once we got his cold teething ring to him.
Travel this time of year sucks…especially when having a 2+ hour layover in Dallas. But it was all well worth it. Now I am back home and today has been (and will continue to be) spent cleaning and doing laundry. Moo has an upset stomach (was up barfing all night), so later I have to go out and buy more carpet cleaner. I think maybe the kennel gave them special Thanksgiving treats – there were bits of bone in the barf. I am going to talk to them when I drop her off for my overnight trip this coming week and remind them that she doesn’t get treats (other than do biscuits).
This coming Thursday morning she is going in for her knee surgery. I am still unsure whether or not I will be making the Christmas trip to New Orleans…but really, after being away this week, Moo being relatively fresh out of surgery, and with upcoming work travel, I am not too bummed about it. With next year being Neil’s year with Chloe which means a big, chaotic family Christmas, I am really OK with staying home and having a quiet Christmas by myself this year (which I had been under the impression was the plan all along – the staying home for a quiet Christmas part – until the trip got dropped on me). Traveling and staying in a place other than my own house and bed instantly removes the “quiet” part of anything for me even if there is no additional family involved. Dealing with airlines and packing and hauling dogs to and from the kennel and then having to come home and do laundry from the trip, clean the house from having two bored cats cooped up in it, etc. There is nothing restful or quiet about any of that. *sigh*
Speaking of cleaning – time to get back to cleaning out the fridge. Some lettuce went bad and stank up the whole thing…which got me scrubbing. Once that is done it will be time to vacuum and scrub floors and then bathrooms. Whhheeee! Oh, and more laundry, of course.

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Vacation & Caleb Pictures

My trip home was awesome! In the truest sense of the word…little Caleb is amazing, but I will get to that in a bit.

My mom picked me up Wednesday night and I stayed the night at her house. We stayed up until some horrid hour (1:30am? Pacific?) talking about anything and everything. Then Tuesday Amy and Caleb came to get me and I spent the rest of the week at her house. I saw my dad briefly a couple times and my mom came and hung out with us on her days off. Mostly though, this trip was about hanging out with my sister and my nephew!
In that photo he is 2 1/2 weeks old…he can already hold his head up (not for extended periods, but amazingly long amounts of time for his age!), he can turn himself over when he is put on his belly, he is making eye contact with people as well as taking in everything around him, and his hand coordination was getting better by the day. He can almost consistently get his fist to his mouth. Oh, and he has my sister's eyes! Same exact color. Though, he does look an awful lot like his daddy otherwise!

He sleeps like a champ – nothing disturbs him. The best part is that Amy and Nick are making a conscious effort to not be too quiet while he is sleeping so that he will be used to regular household noises. When he isn't sleeping, he likes to just hang out and look around. He is SO mellow; the only time he fusses or cries is when he is hungry (or we think maybe gassy). Already he is starting to sleep mostly through the night – two nights while I was there he actually slept 6 and 7 hours. 
Amy is healing up well and very quickly. Aside from the new parent exhaustion, both mommy and daddy are doing fabulously! Nick is a huge help with changing diapers and bottle feeding (the little guy eats more than he weighs I think!) And Caleb is a little trooper – we were out and about several days while I was there: doctors appointments, a trip to the mall, and a couple lunches out.
Sea Lion & GullAnchor & ChainVaughn Sunset

For now my sister and her husband are renting a house out on the water – the views are incredible and there are virtually no neighbors, so it is peaceful. The house itself is up on a cliff of sorts but there is a stair down to the beach. They also have a resident sea lion that hangs out on the floating dock every morning and evening. Unfortunately, the owners want to sell the house for WAY more than it is worth, so they will be moving out when their lease is up next April. Until then, though, what a fabulous place to hang out!
I was afraid I would have problems being around Caleb due to my history, but it didn't phase me at all! Which in itself was a relief. I am also still very comfortable with the fact that I do not want kids of my own, but the flip side is that I had no idea how excited I would be to have this baby in my life! I miss my sister all the time and with the new addition – I miss her (and Caleb…and Nick) even more. I am hoping next year they can come out to visit me, but for sure there will be lots of visiting in both directions in the future. I am just sorry that I will miss a lot of the life events as the years pass – I wish we lived closer. Maybe someday I will convince them to move out here. *laugh* Probably not, but it is a nice thought. 

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Nephew update…

Nothing extraordinary…momma and baby got to go home yesterday. Amy is doing well, a little sore (as can totally be expected after a c-section!!) but overall is feeling really good. Doctor's orders are to take it easy with not much moving around for the next couple weeks and then start to work back up to full speed. My mom is taking this week off to be around to help and I will be there next week. And Nick's parents are both around as well, so at least she isn't stuck on her own right away. 

Little Caleb is doing great! He has discovered his appetite and is already eating mom & dad out of house and home. Heh! The up side is that he is only getting up about once during the night (so far)…most of his eating seems to be happening during the day and then it is almost non-stop. LOL They are having to alternate between formula and breast milk to keep up.
He is also being a good, mellow baby. He fusses when he is hungry or dirty, but that is about it and he seems to be loving the attention from everyone. I am SO excited to meet him…this week cannot go by fast enough. Of course, the flip side is that I have a ton of work to get done this week and I don't have enough time to do it all in. 

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Brand new little smushy faced Caleb. His official weight was 9 pounds even and 20 inches long. He must come from our gene pool – just look at that serious scowl on his face! None of us like our rest time interrupted. LOL
Unrelated news – OP is doing wonderfully. The anti-inflammatory drugs worked like magic. He has been out and about like he owns the house. He even slept with us last night! Apparently Neil's CPAP machine doesn't scare him. I am hoping he will come visit me again tonight…Neil won't be here which means Moo will probably be on the bed. That might keep him away – we'll see!

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