Container Gardening

Procrastination is the bane of my existence. I waited, and waited, and talked about, and proposed, and thought about building raised garden beds this year. Alas, I never actually got around to doing the building part of all that. The result is another year of container gardening on my patio.

Love these pots!

It is a little late to be getting things out around here, but it should all still be ok. Various herbs and veggies got planted:
Patio Tomato
A tomato plant, of course! The Patio Tomato (yes, it is actually called that) should stay compact and bushy with 2″ fruit. I hoping the fruit actually tastes good too.

And who can live without basil?
Sweet Basil

Aside from a standard red bell pepper and a banana pepper plant, I am also trying a poblano pepper this year. It already has baby fruit on it, so hopefully it will be a prolific producer!
Poblano Pepper

Some plants are specifically for Neil – for instance the Thai pepper. Those tiny, red, burn-the-skin-right-off-your-mouth hot peppers in Asian food? Yeah…that’s these (or something similar). I also planted some mint for his mojitos. And we will jointly try the Thai basil. Another favorite of mine, but I’ve never actually cooked with it at home. I also planted some Greek oregano and French tarragon to play around with since I use both extensively when I cook.

The biggest experiment of all, though, is the Kieffer lime tree!
Kieffer Lime/Kaffir Lime
It is a tender perennial here, so it will be brought indoors to winter over. Right now it is just a tiny little thing and as it grows I will need to replant it in larger pots. However, everything I have read and been told is that it makes for a wonderful container plant. I hope it fruits, but mostly I just want the leaves from it for cooking.

Grow little plants, grow!


Darn birds…

The mockingbirds are eating my tomatoes. I am sad about this.

Hopefully, next year I will have the raised garden bed built and can also include building framework for netting to keep the darn things out of my garden. Of course, this is all rather far down the list of things that need building outside. Top of the list: fence. From there we get into a sprinkler system and possible patio expansion. Not sure where the money is coming from to do all this, but it is all stuff that needs doing.

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