The Kids

My kids are the center of my world: Sadie, Moo, Bonnie, OP, Danger Girl, The Princess, Patch, and Rooty. All furry. All sport four legs. All provide endless hours of entertainment and joy. I love critters. If I had unlimited funds I would run a rescue ranch. Alas, I have not yet been blessed with such financing, so I do what I can for local strays that show up at my door, which is somewhat revolving, but always open.

You’ll often see the kids here, so I thought it best to introduce the cast of characters:

Sadie: my darling but neurotic, labrador/Dalmatian mix. She was a gift when she was still a small pup (a rescue dog from the local Humane Society)…as my first dog, I am sure I am the reason she’s as neurotic as she is. However, her sweet nature is entirely her own doing.
Sunny Sadie

Moo (also called Marly – named BEFORE the movie and in no way related…her full name comes from the song title “Lili Marlene”): a labrador through and through. We got her as a companion for Sadie after I moved. She is a lover-dog with a giant head. Seriously, she has a huge skull!

Bonnie: the tubby, tabby cat. We also call her The Grey – her head was a funny shape when she was a kitten that made her look part alien. She is the surviving kitty of a brother-sister pair that I adopted shortly after moving. Unfortunately, her brother (Clyde) failed to return home one day. We are pretty sure that a wild animal got him…most likely a snake. Now all the resident kitties are indoor-only.
Bonnie Nap

OP (aka The Dude or DudeCat): He is the boy of the family – adopted from the local PAWS group to keep Bonnie company while I am traveling and the dogs are not at home. The sweetest, snuggliest kitty I’ve ever owned!
365/4: The Dude

Danger Girl (aka DG or DG Cat): Rescued after almost running her over on the way home from the grocery store. She was under-fed, flea infested, and filthy (along with terrified)…now she’s 5 years old and settled right in.
Danger Girl

The Princess, Patch, & Rooty (aka The Three Kittens): found in a crawl-space by my neighbor with no mommy cat in sight. He was unable to wait/leave them so he called me and sucker that I am, I told him to bring them on home. Estimated at just three weeks old, eyes and ears just opened and weighing in under 1/4 pound each, they are now three years old and weigh in at 10, 11, and 13 pounds!

(Pictures coming soon!)


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