30 Minutes – Every. Single. Day.

This week marks four straight weeks that I have worked out a minimum of 30 minutes each day.

Let me repeat one more time:  Every. Single. Day. Seven days per week.

I didn’t exercise that often when I was at my fittest. I have NEVER worked out this consistently. And I feel awesome. I seriously feel like Super Woman!

Over the past week I’ve added to the routine – in addition to following the 21DF schedule, Mon/Wed/Fri I added in the 10-min Ab workout that comes with the program. Tues/Thurs/Sat I added 30 minutes of rowing. Sundays are the Yoga workout only (rest day).

Food continues to be a work in progress…mostly going well with some crazy work days that have me back to eating one big meal at the end of the day. (Only twice this week, though!)

All in all, I am ecstatic at how this is going. It is doable. Enjoyable. I’m seeing (and feeling) fantastic results. I have more energy. I feel happier. Even the insanity at work, while it makes me nuts during the day, isn’t stressing me out. I’m able to leave it “at work” when I shut down at 5pm. I have cheekbones again! I still have a bit of a double chin, but in a few weeks that will be gone too.

I am starting to feel like ME again! I don’t want to be a swimsuit model or look like some super bodybuilder. I just want to get back the energy and drive I had a decade ago. I want to be able to walk into Target and grab some pants or shorts or shirts or dresses right off the rack and have something fit that doesn’t look like my grandmother’s old curtains (sorry grandma) and that I didn’t have to desperately search for on that one rack tucked I into the far back of the department next to the maternity clothes.

I am well on my way with this journey and the timing couldn’t be better…this weekend I will be tearing carpet out of most of my house, painting, packing unnecessary stuff, and hauling things to Goodwill. Getting so close to having this place on the market. And then the Big Move! Market and weather permitting, I hope to be back in the Pac NW by the new year. As this past month has proven to me – ANYTHING is possible!


Another Awesome Friday!

Random things I’m noticing that show progress:

  • 6 push-ups in a row! Not once, but twice this week. Sure, they were elevated and from my knees…but only about a month and a half ago I could barely even do one. (By the way, for anyone traveling, using one of the dresser drawers in your hotel room turned upside-down with a towel over it works great for elevation. I suppose a nightstand drawer would also work.)
  • Chest presses using a 35 pound bar! Next week we will try 45lbs. Wooooo!
  • I can do squats and lunges like nobody’s business!


It’s been a crazy week. I was on the road Monday through Thursday which meant no training on Monday. I did use the hotel gyms though (my travels had me at a different hotel each night)…go me. The last hotel was very new and had brand new equipment including various medicine balls and a balance ball. That was nice.

Other craziness had me dealing with fraud issues on my corporate credit card. That meant there was a restriction placed on my card that I had to call and have lifted for each transaction all week long. A rental car and three hotels made that real pain in the you-know-what.

On the up side, our team got awesome news that our manager has received permission to almost double our team’s size! Included in that news was some other stuff that is potentially very awesome for me. I will write more about those details if things work out like I hope.

This weekend my goals are to get the pooches out for good walks in the neighborhood each day and spend some fun time with my guy. Right now I need to get back and finish up some work so I can get my weekend started! Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!